If you’re a little unsettled about letting potential buyers alone in your home, you are not alone. Unfortunately, your home could be exposed to theft, scams and other issues. To protect your home while it’s on the market, here are some precautions you can take:

1. Choose a real estate agent you can trust by asking for recommendations and reviews.

2. Use the electronic lockbox provided by your agent to track who had access to the home.

3. If a buyer or agent shows up unannounced, direct them to talk to your agent to make an appointment.

4. If you’re not coming straight home after a showing, ask a neighbor to make sure the doors and windows are locked after the showing.

5. Store any valuables safely, especially important documents, jewelry, prescription medication, collectibles, money or credit cards. Even large pieces that can’t be taken during the showing can be a target of later break ins.

6. You probably keep a lot of personal information online, so protect all your devices and computers with a password.

7. Remove calendars from your fridge and pack family photos during the staging process.

8. Install slip proof padding to secure rugs, repair loose and uneven flooring, keep hallways and stairwells clear of clutter and make sure your home is well lit inside and out, to prevent injuries that could result in a lawsuit.

9. Secure your spare car key and garage door openers.

10. Keep your pets safe by taking them with you or securing them in a crate.

Be sure to communicate any concerns to your real estate agent so they’re aware of these issues when showing your home without you. Protect your home and your financial livelihood while it’s on the market to ensure your selling experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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