To protect your health, a home needs to be maintained so that the air is breathable, it is dry and clean and provides ventilation and regulated temperature. Your home is where you spend at least a third of your lives, raising your kids, celebrating holidays and making memories. It should be a shelter from your busy lives and the outside world. These tips will help you create healthier spaces in every room of your home:

– Test smoke alarms regularly, replace the batteries at the same time every year (such as on your birthday) and replace the devices after 10 years. You can also install a carbon monoxide monitor and purchase a radon test kit from a hardware store.

– Routinely replace or clean air conditioner filters. Check the evaporator coil and condenser coil every year so they are not collecting dirt or debris.

– A programmable thermostat can help reduce energy costs by up to 2%.

– Even in your desert home if you constantly use a humidifier, if you overwater your houseplants, if you hang wet clothes inside or if there are unknown leaks, your home is at a higher risk of developing mold damage. Move boxes and furniture away from walls to allow air to flow and prevent humidity to build up and grow mold.

– Open windows are a quick way to ventilate your home. Always use your bathroom fan and your range hood to suck moisture out and bring fresh air in.

– Choose a lock that can’t be easily broken and door hinges that can’t be removed from outside. Motion-activated lights and well-lit spaces can also increase your safety.

– A clean home can help prevent illnesses such as colds and flus, injuries, pest invasions and more. Try non-toxic alternatives to wash dishes and laundry and to clean all surfaces in your home.

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